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Equipping the saints
Preaching the Gospel of the kingdom

Are You Ready For A Breakthrough

Have you been struggling for years with church growth

What will you get from partnering with Ekklisia Ministries

Your most pressing questions answered

You may be wondering…

Does God even hear my prayers?

Well maybe you’ve asked a question”
Is this just me or is it God speaking to me”?
Or if we can hear God , what does the voice of God even sound like?
Are you sick, in need of healing or miracle from God?
Are you facing a hardship or crisis and in need of an immediate breakthrough.
Did you know there’s a way you can guarantee for God to hear your prayers?

And Yes…
God does have a very distinct sound to His voice.
These questions and more can and will be answered

Church Growth

Dr. Phil is a seasoned Apostle and Prophet with over 40 yrs ministry experience


Becoming an evidential witness

Supernatural Prayer

Learn what it means and different levels of praying in tongues


Taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth

Intimacy with God

Deep calls unto to deep at the noise of his water spouts

walking victoriously

overcoming the flesh

We are excited to be able to offer Dr. Phil's
The Prophetic Ministry
Living in the Supernatural College Course

Take the first steps toward your destiny in God!

We would like to work with you

Been struggling for years with Church growth. maybe you're thinking... There has to be more to my ministry and are ready to be catapulted to the next level... Have a desire for more of God and desire greater intimacy with the Lord.

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