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Prophetic Fire & Glory

Prophetic Fire & Glory


On the day of Pentecost, the Lord released the
understanding of the prophecy in Joel 2 when Peter got up and began to bring it forth. The full fulfillment of it has not happened yet. The prophecy says that there will be signs and wonders. It mentions blood, fire and vapor of smoke. When we begin to look at it we know that it isn’t just a few signs and wonders that will happen, any more than the outpouring of the Holy Spirit means that a little bit of rain is going to fall. If God says He is going to show blood, fire and vapor of smoke we are going to have to look in the Spirit at the revelation of something that He is going to show.

I believe there is going to be a revelation of the sanctifying fire of God. There are two types of spiritual fire: zeal and desire. The Word says that the zeal of God has consumed me. Zeal means you are fired up, enthusiastic. With the zeal comes a burning desire. This book will look at a burning zeal and a burning desire. They come with the outpouring of the Spirit, by the way.