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Developing The Inner Mind

Developing The Inner Mind

The mind of Christ

There is a natural mind for your natural body and a spiritual mind for your spiritual body. You are both natural and spiritual. You are not just a physical person living in a physical body. That is only half of the equation. Inside of you is a spirit man that Paul calls the inner man of the heart.

I want to release some of this to you so that you can have spiritual thoughts, thinking the thoughts that God thinks. Then God can also think through you. What can that mean? It means you can know things others won’t know. You will know things that God knows. How many have heard of the revelation gifts: the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom and discerning of spirits. This teaching will allow you to operate in the revelation gifts at a level much higher than you have ever seen before. Do you have a thirst to be used by God more than you every have been before?