The Receiving Anointing

There are many who have given but have never received because they thought it was automatic. If they gave, they would automatically receive. No, there are some keys for entering […]

Divine Encounters with God

Jesus is called the light of the world. Before he came into the world, the world was in darkness and did not have the light that would bring life. In […]

Personal Encounters With Jesus

There is a place where you can have an encounter with Him face to face. Most people are not setting themselves aside for it, are not sanctifying themselves unto it, […]

Revelation of Peace

We will get into the two kinds of peace and how you get the God kind. We will also talk about peacemakers, the peace process, and how to establish peace. […]

Mantles Of Authority

Did you know that we are supposed to have covenants with each other in the body of Christ? There are also supposed to be covenants with five-fold ministry. You are […]

Entering God’s Glory

The glory of the Lord is basically the essence of who He is. He beautifies us with Himself. He literally puts Himself upon us, His essence, His likeness, His life. […]

The Power of Thanksgiving

It is amazing how much the flow of the Spirit is released or shut down based on either gratitude or ingratitude. I have seen meetings where miracle after miracle was […]

New Dimensions of Faith

Faith is a blessing that is supernatural. It cannot operate without the person of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. There is no faith without God because it comes from […]

Manifestation of Truth

Truth is not truth until it is manifested. Truth has to have proof or it isn’t truth. Truth always backs itself up or it cannot be truth. A person can […]

The Prophets Prophetic Proverbs

The Word of God is so powerful when it’s revealed by the Holy Spirit and planted in the hearts of men. It is the power that transforms lives, heals bodies, […]